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I am Kate Levey,

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In her heyday, Brigid Brophy was a widely-known novelist, literary critic and social commentator. She was a polemicist who set out the case for homosexual equality and the rights of animals; she also campaigned successfully for authors to be paid Public Lending Right. 

Brophy’s versatility means her legacy is too large to capture comprehensively, so this site offers merely an appetiser to her oeuvre.


It is pleasing to note the resurgence of interest in Brigid Brophy. There have been numerous academic appraisals of her work, and she is studied increasingly in universities. Less scholarly insights into her personal life and her character can be found in these recent volumes:

Brigid Brophy Avant-Garde Writer, Critic, Activist Book

A collection of essays by a wide variety of Brophy admirers.


Included here are some of many letters Murdoch wrote Brophy during their long and turbulent love affair.


This book contains my chapter explaining how Brigid Brophy was affected by multiple sclerosis.

If you are interested in publishing Brigid Brophy's work, please contact
Becky Brown at Curtis Brown Heritage