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Brophy in the 1970s

I am Kate Levey, her daughter. 

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Brigid Brophy (1929-1995) wrote seven genre-diverse novels, as well as plays, non- fiction books and literary criticism. An ardent and effective campaigner for an array of progressive causes, Brophy’s admirable legacy includes her huge contribution to the movement for animal rights, her promotion of homosexual equality, and her instigation of the successful campaign to achieve Public Lending Right, which helps fund authors today.

Three new Brigid Brophy volumes mark the continued interest in her work:

Richard Canning and Gerri Kimber have put together this series of essays discussing different facets of Brigid Brophy’s interests, reflecting her varied achievements. One contribution is mine, about my mother’s multiple sclerosis.

I welcome Faber’s new edition of Brigid Brophy’s 1967 masterpiece The Snow Ball, to which Eley Williams has written the foreword.

A book examining the origins of the modern animal rights movement, The Oxford Group and the Emergence of Animal Rights: An Intellectual History, is due for publication this winter, too. Brigid Brophy is acknowledged to have started the public discussion of the rights of animals, with her twist on Paine’s Rights of Man, in her article of 1965 The Rights of Animals. Her role in bringing to attention the theoretical problems inherent in our attitude to animals was, and still is, pivotal.